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Benefits of using a salt inhaler*

Salt Inhalers have been increasing in popularity since the benefits of salt have become more apparent. Halotherapy, originally formed in Greece with the word ‘halo’ meaning salt in Greek, is the act of breathing in salty air to improve lungs, health and mentality.

What is a Salt Inhaler?

A salt inhaler is a device that is used similarly to an asthma inhaler. Some form of salt, we recommend Himalayan Salt, is inserted into the chamber at the bottom of the inhaler, and then the user should inhale through the spout at the top. This is a form of dry salt therapy, so no water needs to be added to the salt.

Popular halotherapy is usually done through specialised salt mines or caves, where the environment is manipulated to produce the best results. Salt inhalers are used as a cheaper alternative to standard halotherapy, and can be carried out in the comfort of your own home.

What are the benefits that a salt inhaler is believed to possess:

  1. Respiratory issues:

A salt inhaler can be used to help aid with respiratory problems. It does this by dehydrating harmful bacteria so that they eventually die. With repeated use, you can increase lung capacity and help clear your lungs from harmful bacteria and particles.

  1. Clears congestion:

The salt inhaled can cause mucus to clear, which frees up air passageways to allow room for more breath, instead of being wheezy and clogged. 

  1. Stress/mood:

Himalayan Salt creates negative ions. These ions attract positive ions, which helps to create a more positive atmosphere, hence reducing any stress and causing a better mood.

  1. Better sleep:

As mentioned above, the salt creates negative ions. This attracts dust particles, and moisture; cleaning the air within the lungs, and allowing better sleep and rest.

  1. Detoxification:

Using a salt inhaler purifies the air ways – this includes ridding the passages from any allergy-inducing particles, so hay-fever and any air prone allergies can have reduced symptoms.

  1. Immune system:

A salt inhaler can strengthen the immune system. Himalayan salt contains 84 minerals which are beneficial to our health. Inhaling these on a regular basis allows our immune system to get the best defence to overcome harmful bacteria.

These are some, but not all, of the benefits of using a salt inhaler. Halotherapy comes in many forms, and this is just one of them that is inexpensive and easily accessible.

*This is not to replace medicine or medical advice, but to use alongside them. Always consult with your doctor before using alternate therapies

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