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Himalayan Salt Lamp Size Guide

Himalayan Salt Lamps come in a variety of different sizes, and sometimes it can be confusing to discover which size is best for the purpose you need. All sizes of Salt Lamps have the same effect and provide numerous health benefits. Here, we’ll discuss what sizes are best for certain rooms/spaces, and which are ideal for your needs.

The size of lamp best for you is based on two important factors.

1. Where you spend the most time

The more time you spend around Himalayan Salt Lamp, the better the effect will be. So if you spent most of your time in an office, or bedroom, then this would be the best place to put it, and this will indicate which size is preferable for you.

2. How much of your surroundings you want illuminating

Depending on where you want to place the lamp, the next step is deciding how much of that area you want to be lit by the lamp. This will give you the answer to which lamp is best for you.


If you spend most of your time in your bedroom then this should be the ideal area for a Salt Lamp. If you want just a minimal light that illuminates desk areas or bedsides, then a smaller lamp such as a 1-5-2kg or a 3-4kg lamp will be best for your needs. If you want the entire room lighting up - depending on the size of your room - a bigger lamp such as 5-7kg or maybe even 8-10kg will be ideal for your preference. 

In comparison, if neither of these stand out to you, there are smaller lamps, such as a USB or Night Light. These lamps are both under 1kg and can be used for creating a soft glow to help with sleep. The USB lamps can be plugged into a laptop or device and illuminate a small space. Similarly with the Night Light which is plugged into a main socket. 

Office Areas

Work can be stressful, and sometimes we need to brighten the area up to help us calm down. Salt Lamps are perfect with that, but it can be a little tricky to find the perfect size.

If you want a lamp for just a desk space, then you may want a 1.5-2kg lamp to brighten up the area, and reap the benefits for yourself and perhaps a few other colleagues near by. However, if you desire one for a small office space, an 8-10kg or 10-13kg will help in an office with under 10 desk spaces.

But if you have a bigger office, and want a lamp to help provide beneficial effects, then 15-20kg, 40-50kg or even an 80-100kg would be best to benefit all employers and colleagues.

Living Room

Living rooms are areas for yourself, or your family to just relax and be around one another. The best way is for a Himalayan Salt Lamp to provide its calming and soothing light.

If you want a Salt Lamp to be used in place of a standard lamp on a side table, then one of the medium lamps would be preferred such as a 3-4kg or 5-7kg. These provide a light similar to a usual lamp.

If you want a lamp to be the centre-piece of your decor and to be eye-catching to anyone who comes to visit, then a bigger lamp will be recommended. The sizes 10-13kg, or even a 15-20kg will be desired.  

Spas/Exercise Studios/Shop Decor etc

In these kinds of environments, it's important that the salt lamp does all it can to reach all customers and clients so that they are affected by the salts benefits. 

For a small area, it is recommended that any sizes between 10-20kg are used. This size will create a relaxing and calming environment and improve air quality for better breathing.

For bigger areas, then it would be best to get a bigger lamp which is 40kg or above. These can be pricey - but you’ll find the best prices directly from our store.

In conclusion, the size of the lamp that would be best for you depends on the placement of the lamps, and the amount of light or benefits you want to reap from it. If a bigger salt lamp has been recommended for your area, but you’d prefer something smaller, then you can buy multiple smaller lamps and spread them over the room. 

*These are just recommendations and what we have found to be more useful for desired environments, they do not need to be taken as fact.

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