A range of animal figures made from onyx and marble

Onyx and Marble

Onyx Marble is a common crystal and is even used as stoneware for table tops in kitchens and in bathrooms. But not many people are aware of its properties as a crystal for spiritual individuals*.

Onyx is a beautiful crystal and comes in various colours. It has vein-like lines spreading throughout the stone, making each individual product made from it, or crystal, incredibly unique. Onyx is the Greek word for ‘claw’ or ‘fingernail’, which makes sense with the mythology behind its creation. The legend states that the goddess Venus was resting on the banks of the Indus River and slept there. Whilst she was sleeping, Cupid used the tip of his magic arrows to give her a manicure. However, when she woke up, her fingernails fell off into the river and sank to the bottom. Because of Venus’ powers, the nails transformed into the beautiful Onyx Marble we see today.

A stack of books that has an three onyx dice featured on top

Onyx Marble has multiple healing properties, both physically and mentally. Physically, it is known to aid in the health of kidneys, eyes, and hair. So if you have any issues with these areas, then Onyx Marble may be able to help you. The crystal can help in a variety of non-physical ways too, the most common being to raise persistence and assistance, making one able to carry out hard or impossible tasks. It also helps in memory and attention to details, so it is the perfect and ideal crystal if you’re a student or work in areas such as a business or law, to help attain your memory and notice small details. Onyx marble is one for those who need to rebuild up their energy - especially those that have been stressed or ill for a prolonged time. 

Onyx marble comes in multiple colours: green, brown, white, grey, and the main one, black. Each colour is perfect for clearing any karma, and aiding in grief or sorrow. Black onyx is most popular, and is known to help past life regressions. As it is an earth stone, its healing properties are deeply rooted in healing abilities so black onyx is known as a healing stone. Green onyx is linked to the heart chakra, this makes it a great crystal for aiding in any areas that are preventing you from growing in self-love, acceptance, or confidence. 

three black onyx bears shown from different angles

Our Onyx and Marble products are ethically sourced from the foothills of the Himalayan mountain range in Pakistan. We have excellent craftsmen to hand carve our products into a range of things. From small animal figurines like penguins and owls, to 3 inch animal figurines like elephants and rhinos, as well as mortar and pestles, and tea-light holders.

*These are not scientifically proven antidotes. Please do not take this information over a professional medical opinion.

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