close up image of deep pink rose quartz crystal

Show Some Love For Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz, also called the 'Heart Stone’ is a stunning pink crystal that is associated with love! It is believed to help open communication and amplify romantic, platonic, and self love. It is most commonly used in meditation, rituals, reiki and more! Rose Quartz can be found in multiple countries such as Madagascar, Sri Lanka, and India. However, the best quality Rose Quartz crystal is mainly found in Brazil. This stone links all the way back to Ancient Rome, Egypt and Ancient Greece. It was often worn by soldiers as a talisman, and was included in healing potions.

The Myth of Rose Quartz

There has been a myth told for centuries about the way Rose Quartz was formed. It is believed that the Greek Goddess Aphrodite cut her finger whilst saving the God Adonis from an attack. With this, both Aphrodite and Adonis’s blood mixed together and stained white quartz crystal, turning it pink. This myth links with the reason why Rose Quartz is known to be the crystal of love!

close up image of light pink rose quartz crystal


The Heart Chakra

It is no surprise that this crystal is linked to the heart chakra - located on the chest where the heart is! Rose Quartz can balance out the heart chakra which can help communication flow easier with loved ones. Similarly, it is claimed to help with emotional trauma and ease the heart of an ache of any kind. This crystal can attract more love into your life, depending on your intention and what the universe believes you need!

Rose Quartz Birthstone

Rose Quartz is the secondary birthstone of those born in January. The primary birthstone, Garnet, helps with repelling negative energy, which creates a strong combination when mixed with Rose Quartz. It is also believed that January babies enhance their health and wellbeing with Rose Quartz! 

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