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What Are Smudge Sticks?

A smudge stick is a bundle of dried herbs, most commonly sage or lavender. They are designed to be burned so that the smoke can be used for cleansing, protection and so much more! The practice of smudging goes back thousands of years, and has been used across religions. 

There are different types of smudge sticks to choose from, each with different herbs used to create them, or have added items, such as wood or flowers, that amplify its use. So when choosing which smudge stick to use, research which is best for your intention.

White Sage

Most of our smudge sticks are made from white sage. It is one of the most common ingredients to use when smudging, making it one of the most popular ones too! White sage is believed to have antimicrobial properties, so some use it to aid in illnesses. Similarly, this is commonly used to cleans areas, people, and objects. We stock a range of sizes and types of white sage smudge sticks.

white sage smudge sticks stacked together

Dragon’s Blood

Dragons blood is a powerful tool to use. This type is mostly used for protection, so is good for warding off bad energy in an area or attached to a person. This product uses white sage, and by making the dried herb red is claimed to enhance the power of the smudge stick. 

Dragon's Blood white sage smudge sticks stacked together

Pink Petal

This smudge stick uses white sage, but is wrapped in pink flower petals. This changes the intention behind the smudge stick. With the petals added, love, peace and protection is now imbued into the stick - making it have more benefits when smudging. 

Pink petals white sage smudge sticks stacked together

Some other smudge sticks include Palo Santo, 7 Chakra and Sunflower smudge sticks, each having their own benefits and intentions when smudging. When using a smudge stick be sure to be selective when choosing which one is best for what you need. 

How To Smudge

Before beginning, make sure the area is well ventilated. Firstly, hold the smudge stick and set an intention regarding the reason you are smudging. Light and hold it at a 45 degree angle with the flame facing downward. Wait for 30 seconds before blowing the flame out. If you are leaving the stick to burn, then place it on a protected, fireproof surface. Otherwise, move the smudge stick around the person, area, or object so the smoke surrounds them/it, and focus on the intention you started with. Finally, focus on positive energy and say your intention out loud!

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