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What Makes Himalayan Salt Ethical and Sustainable?

There is sometimes debate about the sustainability and ethicality of Himalayan Salt, so we thought we would tell you why we believe Himalayan Salt is both sustainable and ethical.

Popular belief is that salt is mined through use of extreme explosives and machinery. Well, we’re here to tell you… it’s actually mined by hand! There is a minimal amount of gunpowder used and zero technology used in the process. This means that there is also minimal pollution caused from mining Himalayan Salt!

Many people think that the resources of the Himalayas will be depleted quickly. In fact, the truth is quite the opposite. Firstly, workers ensure that only 50% of the salt is mined. This is both to uphold the structure of the mountain, and to ensure its life. There are six main mountains that contain the mined salt, and scientists have taken the percentage of salt harvested, as well as the amount harvested each year, and estimated that the salt within the mine will last over 550 years! This percentage also excludes the parts of the mountain that haven't even been searched yet, which means that the salt could potentially last over 1000 years.

Himalayan Salt Lamps
Himalayan Salt is tied into the economy of Pakistan. Salt mining and crafting creates an abundance of work available to the locals. This salt brings mass amounts of international trade which increases the economic sustainability of the country and creates a living for its people.

Some people claim Himalayan Salt production creates child and slave labour. We cannot account for all businesses who trade in this area, but we believe in Fair Trade. We pay our workers for the time and effort that is involved in Salt Mining, and ensure their working conditions are the best they can be. As for child labour, none of our workers are minors as we wouldn’t allow a child to work, let alone in an environment that could be dangerous and tiring.

Pakistan is home to some of the most beautiful animals in the world. The homeland caters for Snow Leopards, Markhors, Himalayan Brown Bears, and so many more. Due to the nature of mining Himalayan Salt, and with the lack of machinery, no wildlife is harmed or affected by the mining process. This means that the wonderful animals that inhabit the Himalayan area can continue to live a normal and peaceful life.

In conclusion, Himalayan Salt is a product that works to protect the people and wildlife involved in the process. It has been mined for hundreds of years and ensures a sustainable and ethical way of living for both producers, buyers and everyone in between.

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